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What is it like to work at Kavi Group? The Kavi Group was founded to be a different kind of consultancy. We operate virtually in a flat "team" structure. Our five core values - Freedom, Excellence, Entrepreneurship, Individual Accountability, and Collaboration - are the foundation of the Kavi culture and inform everything we do. 


Integrity and trust serve as the basis for freedom at Kavi Group. We choose to be different from other organizations where layers of management dilute personal responsibility. At Kavi Group, each person takes responsibility for results and exercises initiative and judgement. But we don't work in isolation. We collaborate and rely on one another to meet objectives and deliver excellence to our clients.

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Careers are as unique as each individual. When it comes to career satisfaction and excellence, uniqueness matters because what you love to do, what energizes you is specific to you. At Kavi Group, instead of a set series of metrics and a ladder to climb, you determine where you'd like to grow professionally.


The Kavi Group is a place were you can grow beyond your expectations without the constraints of a traditional corporate environment. Here responsible people are given the freedom to operate independently and create their own career. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

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Our Flat "Team" Structure

Hierarchy is great for maintaining predictability and repeatability. It simplifies planning and makes it easier to control a group of people from the top down. But we have endeavored to build a unique consulting firm where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to do their best. We want an environment that allows our people and our values to flourish. 

That’s why Kavi Group is flat. We don’t have any management, and nobody “reports to” anybody else. We do have a CEO, but even he isn’t your manager. Everyone on the team shares responsibility to steer the company – towards opportunities and away from risks.

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Join us

Interested in a consulting firm where you are empowered to choose your own adventure? Explore a career at The Kavi Group.


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