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Business Continuity

The Kavi Group advises and supports clients with their business continuity needs regardless of complexity, size, and location around the globe. Whether serving as an extension of a company’s business continuity program via managed services or collaborating on specific resiliency projects, our unique methodology and combined practical experience is always tailored to meet the needs of your industry and company. 


With years of practical experience and multiple credentials, Kavi Group helps organizations strengthen the resiliency of their business via:  

  • Policy and Program Management

  • Business Impact Analysis (Executive, Functional, and Process)

  • Risk Assessments and Analysis 

  • Business Continuity (Design, Implementation, and Maintenance)

  • Business Continuity Validations/Exercises

  • Disaster Recovery

  • ISO 22301 Assessments and Certification Readiness


We deliver value beyond compliance. Our team goes the extra mile to deliver a premium service with a personalized touch. Passionate about all that we do, we pride ourselves on adoption and build trusting relationships that last beyond the engagement. We value each organization’s culture and focus on practicality so that processes and plans are actually referred to and utilized during business disruptions.

Crisis Management

At Kavi Group, we take crisis planning and response seriously. We understand that a crisis has the potential to directly impact an organization’s revenue, reputation, and business operations.


We support all aspects of crisis management. The Kavi Group team brings passion and commitment and the ability to assess risk, develop crisis teams, and provide real-time crisis management support. Our talented, virtual team is able to respond to crisis events quickly and calmly regardless of time of day or time zones.


Our experience dealing with a broad range of crisis events helps us confidently empower our clients to manage their risk rapidly, as well as incorporate lessons learned into ongoing program improvements and training. Service offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Policy and Program Management

  • Risk Assessments and Analysis 

  • Crisis Management Planning

  • Real-time Crisis Management Facilitation & Response

  • After Action Reporting

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Crisis Exercises (Tabletops, Component Tests, Full-scale Simulations)

  • Executive Coaching

  • Crisis Management Team Training

Chain Risk

Kavi Group helps organizations manage supply chain risk by utilizing a multi-step and multi-attribute approach to identify the most critical partners within a company's ecosystem. Our clients achieve measurable risk reduction by increasing the business continuity capability of their key suppliers.


Our team has executed Supply Chain Risk Reviews at several fortune 500 companies and has interacted with hundreds of third-party vendors. We begin by designing a tailored approach that aligns with your objectives. We then collaborate with key suppliers, develop scalable tools to gather and analyze data, and use benchmarking to gain visibility at multiple levels of the supply chain.


Our analysis provides unique insight and enables identification of significant risks and single points of failure, tracking of improvements over time​, and modeling and optimization of business continuity related risks across the supply chain.

& Adoption

What sets Kavi Group apart is our approach. Founded in adult learning theory, cognitive and behavioral science, and organizational change, our activities are developed to increase stakeholder participation, group collaboration, and individual memory retention. As a result, we promote micro-learning, teaming, and critical thinking. 

Kavi Group possesses significant experience helping organizations to build and enhance their training, exercising and awareness programs, including:

  • Learner Identification

  • Curriculum Development

  • Online Course Development

  • In-person and Virtual Course Development and Delivery

  • Program and Training Materials Development and Integration

Our team has managed and executed projects at all levels within organizations from sponsorship and leadership alignment at the most senior levels to training and communication efforts targeted at specific stakeholders.

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