A diverse team with global reach

The Kavi Group advisory team brings deep expertise in developing and sustaining enterprise-wide programs for both large and small transformational change initiatives. Multinational corporations rely on the advice and services of our team members to help shape program frameworks that can be effectively and sustainably rolled out across locations and business units of various sizes, cultures, and operating strategies.

The team's experience spans the public and private sectors and multiple industries, including software, technology, financial services, retail, transportation, pharmaceutical, health care, manufacturing, professional services, economic development, and not-for-profit.

Our diverse team comprises business executives, entrepreneurs, educators, lawyers, and artists who have delivered solutions across the globe in more than 120 countries. Among the team are individuals who speak multiple languages including German, Italian, Hindi, Spanish, and Swedish.

"From the day you begin working with us, you will notice the difference. We will become an embedded part of your team driven towards a common purpose. We seek neither the spotlight nor the headlines. With ceaseless attention to detail, we deliver superior client service with the highest level of professionalism."

vivek Chakrabortty, ceo