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Collaborative Consulting

The Kavi Group works alongside business leaders in some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations to create positive, sustainable change. Our team of talented management consultants help clients balance competing strategic, productivity, and profitability goals by providing tailored solutions. Our collaborative and creative approach fosters an exceptional customer experience and strives to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

We are a different kind of consulting firm - partner, confidant, and guide.

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"From the day you begin working with us, you will notice the difference. We will become an embedded part of your team driven towards a common purpose. We seek neither the spotlight nor the headlines. With ceaseless attention to detail, we deliver superior client service with the highest level of professionalism."

Vivek Chakrabortty, CEO

What guides us.


To help leaders make positive, sustainable change in their organizations


Collaboration +  Excellence + Entrepreneurship + Freedom + Individual Accountability 


Quality is the uncompromising standard for our actions and is the source of our reputation

How we can help.

Stakeholder Engagement

Leaders often struggle to gain executive support despite spending tremendous time and effort. We help our clients engage their key stakeholders and build support based on the value proposition. Using our proprietary approach, stakeholders see programs as the strategic imperative they are rather than just a compliance effort.

Performance Management

Key performance indicators that are wrong or fail to align with strategic objectives can guide your team down the wrong path. We work with leaders to identify root causes, realign KPIs, and help you communicate to your team members how achieving their individual goals benefits the overall organization.

Program Strategy

Critical business initiatives need a strategy for success. Our team can guide you from the beginning or assist you in turning around initiatives that stall midstream. Whether faced with the challenge of implementing a global program or restructuring a team, clients look to us for strategic guidance and program management.


Training is a key component in successful change management. Our training team creates and delivers in-person, online, and virtual training with an understanding that adult learning is unique. We focus on the learners in our clients’ organizations and provide crisp, creative content that clearly delivers the message in an engaging way and is relevant to the work they do.

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